Jr. High Lock INS

2019-2020 Junior High Lock INS Grades 6, 7, 8

This year St. Katharine Drexel will be hosting overnight Lock INS monthly on the following dates:

Friday,        September 27, 2019              Friday,        January 24, 2020
Friday,        October 18, 2019                  Friday,        February 14, 2020
Friday,        November 22, 2019               Friday,        March 13, 2020
Friday,        December 13, 2019               Friday,        April 3, 2020

These overnight Youth Nights will

  • begin at 8pm Friday evening
  • end at 8am Saturday morning
  • be held at St. Katharine Drexel in the Parish Hall
  • Stay overnight or be picked up by a parent at 11pm

To attend please bring:

  • a signed permission slip
  • a snack to leave in the kitchen to share, no other food or drinks
  • what you need to sleep on the floor
  • appropriate outdoor clothing in case we are outside for an activity

Youth Nights will consist of:

  • a main session in which we will present a topic, movie, book, or activity for discussion and engagement.
  • prayer
  • snacks, games and other activities
  • lights out will be at midnight
  • Environment will meet all Diocese of Manchester requirements for safety and supervision.


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